Acupuncture for weight loss is currently very popular throughout china. As china becomes more and more wealthy the population is gaining weight rapidly. Although when you are overweight, acupuncture may not immediately come in to your head, it should. Acupuncture uses hair thin needles to balance your bodies Qi. Several studies have shown that when acupuncture is combined with traditional methods of weight loss, patients lose more weight. In these cases, one to three acupuncture weight loss sessions can be safe and effective in helping people achieve reasonable weight loss goals.In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the belief is that excessive weight gains are caused mainly by an imbalance in the body due to a malfunction of the spleen and liver organ systems. Skilled acupuncture practitioners will zero in on specific body areas to effect weight loss. Among these are the endocrine system and kidneys, which are addressed to treat water retention and to stimulate nerve and hormonal rebalance. The spleen and thyroid gland are also targeted to effect sugar and hormonal rebalancing. Finally, the adrenal and ovary glands are included to treat weight gain due to menopause or Premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Some people notice the effects of acupuncture fairly quickly and only require treatments every other week.

The Top 5 ways Acupuncture can Speed Up Weight-loss!

  1. Controlling Your Appetite: Acupuncture for weight loss uses ear seeds (acupressure points) taped to specific  points in the ear to extend the acupuncture treatment after your sessioin for weight loss. The seeds stay taped in your ear for up to a week for you to press when needed, such as when you are hungry.
  2. Controlling Your Hormones: Studies have shown positive results in the ability of acupuncture for weight loss to balance leptin levels. This hormone imbalance is often responsible for stubborn fat that refuses to go away. Adequate leptin levels tell your brain that you are full. Studies also looked at acupuncture for weight loss effecting the hunger hormone, opposed to leptin, ghrelin. They found that acupuncture helps you help yourself by balancing both hormones.
  3. Improving Digestion: If you are overweight, something is amiss in your gut. We need to get the correct healthy food into your body and we want your body working at peak performance to digest all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for you to lose weight.
  4. Strengthening the Liver: The liver produces the juices and enzymes we need to breaks down fat and properly use our food.
  5. Strengthening your stomach: If you have excess weight hanging around, your stomach is stretched out. It needs a lot of food to register satiety. Acupuncture for weight loss affects the nervous system near the stomach to help your stomach so you feel full with less food.