LU-1 中府 Zhōngfŭ  Middle Palace

Location: laterosuperior to sternum 1 cun below Lu-2 at level of 1st intercostal space 6 cun lateral to anterior mid-line

Lung one treats Cough, asthma, pain in the chest, Pain in the shoulder and Back, and fullness in the chest.

Lu-1 draws energy from the acupuncture points lv-14, One of the great energy aspects is the zhong qi in Chinese medicine. The Zhong qi empowers the rhythm and movement of our body. When we are children one can often respond to early childhood trauma or disappointment in life by shutting off the heart energy and suppress the lung energy and rhythm. A reduction of  of energy here is often shown by a caved in chest and shoulders that are hunched forward. Emotions related to this imbalance is frustration giving away to despair as the liver qi stagnates. Often times one may present with a feeling of internal emptiness and loneliness as the lungs have failed to bring quality into ones inner landscape, or to make contact with ones inner self worth. A cottony pulse indicates a separation of the heart and liver.

I often use this point to treat a patient for a lack of self worth, and to treat neck and shoulder pain, many times in our daily life we are working on computers and cell phones. when we are stuck in this postural position most of the day the pectoral muscles tighten and the back muscles are overstretched. By releasing the muscles in the chest ones posture can be corrected through muscle release and stretching. When the chest is more open then one can breath and the stress of life as well as the build up of liver qi can be released.