LU-3 天府 Tiānfŭ Palace of Heaven

Location: on medial aspect of upper arm 3 cun below end of axillary fold on radial side of biceps brachii

Asthma, epitaxis, pain in the medial aspect of the upper arm.

The acupuncture point Lung 3 reaches the spirit level of the lung meridian, as a window of the sky point. If the lungs are not in touch with quality of life, one may feel empty inside. This may manifest as a sense of grief for which one has a feeling of loss of people and loved ones. The virtue associated with the lungs is justice, whereas the liver is associated with human justice, the lung is associated with heavenly justice. Human justice is always a matter of judgment and compromise. Hence the Dao De Jing states “in reconciling a great injury, there is always sureto be some injury remaining. How can this be good? Heavenly justice always repays injury with original nature, the very basis of self worth. Self esteem may be said to be predicated upon a self worth in contradistinction to self esteem, as empowered by the liver acupuncture point lv-1. Self esteem may be said to be predicated upon a balanced vision of those aspects of self which comprise that roots of ones life, which are fundamental and can not be compromised. This vision must discern these foundational principals as compared with the peripheral aspect of self, which may be likened to branches that can be pruned and relinquished as one channels energy for their growth. Self worth, on the other hand may be considered to be predicated upon ones suspect for value of fundamental vision.

The Big difference between heavenly and earthly justice is forgiveness. When man is found guilty by a judge in a court there is a penalty brought upon the individual. Heavenly justice consists more of forgiveness of the individual.

When needling the acupuncture point Lu-3 ones liver qi and stress can be smoothed out and released along with tonifying the lung and engendering forgiveness of oneself.