LU-4 俠白 (侠白) Xiábái Clasping the White

Location: on medial aspect of upper arm 4 cun below anterior end of axillary fold or 5 cun above cubital crease on radial side of biceps brachii

The acupuncture point lu-4 has the qualities of metal, which are valor, heroism, purity, radiance, richness of heaven. A white knight in shining armor, impeccable at the core, the essence which cant be sullied. Spurs one on to battle against dark forces, when tired, weary, fallen off of the horse, this point dusts off ones armor, flies the nights plume and gives energy to carry on the fight. The sword is impeccably sharp and can cut through veils of illusions, imperfection, and garbage.

The acupuncture point lung 4 can help one to gain inner strength, just like the knight in shining armor. Many people are waiting for their savior to come along and save them from their demons and worldly troubles. The point lu-4 can free ones inner strength so as to help the patient to save them self and to stop playing the victim.