LU-5 尺澤 (尺泽) Chĭzé Cubit Marsh

Location: on cubital crease in depression of radial side of biceps brachii tendon; point is located with elbow slightly flexed

Outside Marsh

Lu 5 This is a very fertile and rich point a source point that engenders lots of life. Use if one feels damp, woozy, drowning, boggy. If parched, dry or rigid in body, mind or spirit, this brings fluidity. This is a water point and water within metal is important for fluidity and flexibility. Without the correct amount of fluidity there is physical and mental sophistication, lack of vitality, weakness lethargy, tension and buildup of toxins. If there is no place to bring in fresh replenishment all becomes compacted and tense. Rigidity is they key all becomes unyielding spastic. If water within the lungs is excess you see signs of excess mucus in the head and chest and patient will feel stuck in the mud, possibly pulmonary edema, pneumonia, weak balder pleurisy, A lack of water in the lungs leads to a dry hacking cough rigid spine chest spasm and a dry har heart good for chest colds expels dampness from the lungs.

Clears lung heat expels phlegm from the lungs