I treat a lot of peripheral neuropathy in my clinic and I find that it is important to teat both the spine and spinal nerves as well as the arms or legs that are involved.

Below is a research study recently performed on this technique of treating peripheral neuropathy in acupuncture and chinese medicine.


Peripheral nerve injury not only affects the site of the injury, but can also induce neuronal apoptosis at the spinal cord. However, many acupuncture clinicians still focus only on the injury site, selecting acupoints entirely along the injured nerve trunk and neglecting other regions; this may delay onset of treatment efficacy and rehabilitation. Therefore, in the present study, we compared the clinical efficacy of acupuncture at Governor vessel and local meridian acupoints combined (GV/LM group) with acupuncture at local meridian acupoints alone (LM group) in the treatment of patients with peripheral nerve injury. In the GV/LM group (n = 15), in addition to meridian acupoints at the injury site, the following acupoints on the Governor vessel were stimulated: Baihui (GV20), Fengfu (GV16), Dazhui (GV14), and Shenzhu(GV12), selected to treat nerve injury of the upper limb, and Jizhong (GV6), Mingmen (GV4),Yaoyangguan (GV3), and Yaoshu (GV2) to treat nerve injury of the lower limb. In the LM group (n = 15), only meridian acupoints along the injured nerve were selected.




Acupuncture can treat peripheral neuropathy in phoenix Arizona.