Acupuncture in Phoenix Arizona

There are a lot of Acupuncturists to choose from in the Phoenix Arizona area. When you do a google search it can be tough to choose which practitioner is best for you. Many people choose an acupuncturist because they are close to their house although that might not be the best reason to choose that acupuncturist.



Many acupuncturists go to acupuncture schools in the USA some study abroad, ie China. If you decide to choose a chinese trained acupuncturist it is quite possible that they actually studied very little acupuncture in China. Most of the Chinese acupuncturists actually went to school for western medicine in china and took a few hours of acupuncture and chinese herbal training while they were in school. This does not mean they are bad acupuncturists although the amount of training they received with actual acupuncture is less than many USA trained acupuncturists. In the United States acupuncture students go to school for 4 years studying Chinese herbal medicine, and many other subjects such as western medicine and nutrition.  Chinese herbal medicine is quite complex consisting of taking 2 to 20 different herbs and combining them into an herbal formula tailored for each individual patient.


Many different acupuncturists have different styles of treating. In China More sensation is better and is thought to work better. Many patients are turned off by strong acupuncture by a Chinese acupuncturists because they can not take the sensation they perceive as pain. Many other acupuncturists barely put the needle in just under the skin, this style creates more of a placebo effect although there is very little change in the body. The difficulty for many acupuncturists is to know what patients may need more sensation with a needle and which ones can gain just as much change with very little needle sensation. Not many acupuncturists think about needle technique and and how the tool should be used with each acupuncture point and each patient.


Choosing an Acupuncturist in the Phoenix Arizona area

All acupuncturists in Arizona have to pass a national board exam, although there are many practitioners in Arizona that also do acupuncture who do not take a board exam in acupuncture. Physical therapists and Chiropractors can take a weekend course in acupuncture and then they can practice in the state of Arizona.  When you are looking for a practitioner who does acupuncture ask if they have taken a national exam in acupuncture.

By David Bell LA.c

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