The tibialis posterior trigger point is a sneaky-little-bugger of a trigger point that few people know about. It lies deep in the calf musculature and causes intense pain and burning in the Achilles tendon region. The pain will also frequently spread to the calf, the heel, and over the entire surface of the sole of the foot (including the bottom of the toes). 

You typically see this trigger point flare-up in runners and hikers, especially if they walk or run on rough ground frequently. You can sometimes see this trigger point in older woman, but it is more common in serious and recreational athletes.

Some doctors may mistakingly diagnose this pain complaint as Posterior Tibialis Tendon Syndrome or Achilles Tendonitis, but chronic, unaddressed trigger point activity in this muscle (and the soleus muscle) can be the cause of these conditions and mimic their symptoms.

Diagnosing and treating the tibialis posterior trigger point can be a bit tricky, but I will share the little details with you that I have found produce consistent and successful results.

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Tibialis Posterior Trigger Point: Sneaky Achilles Tendonitis

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